March 8, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Im not a producer. I don't come up with ideas, create and produce it to share with others. I do come up with random thoughts and make it real, but they're only limited to my own imagination. Why?

I don't have the confidence that others will get it. I don't have the confidence that you will understand what I've created, how my mind works. It's too complicated that only those open-minded enough could understand.

Im the listener, the observer, the audience. I see, feel, listen..and then I absorb it in me, I make myself understand it's situation. Most of all, what I love the most is when i get to see and feel the beauty in it.

Yes, I seem insignificant, behind the curtain and invisible. Sure, it'd be nice to be the creator of a great masterpiece and share it with others and be known for that. But right now, for now, I'm enjoying myself being behind the scene and watch others keep showing off their colourful works. I'm like a little kid in candyland and all the workers are showing me all the goods. Until the time comes, I'll come up with my own goods.

Beside, you have to crawl before you can walk. I'm learning and absorbing other's opinions and perspectives before I can share my own with the world.