November 30, 2009

Cinta Baru?

LMAO! I found Twilight Saga: New Moon books translated in Malay when i went to Kinokuniya at KLCC today. On the bottom of the cover it printed 'Cinta Baru', i was like "what?!" with my face expression..couldnt even say a word.
Still laughing as im writing this. hahah!
oh god, i'll just skip it & move on. i dont even want to know who translated it.

*clear throat
I went to watch New Moon today with my friends at the cinema in KLCC. Honestly, i prefer Pavilion more because i like the ambiance there. More cozy, less fakers. *smiling
I'll just cut through..Thank You Chris Weitz! the meadow, the scene, the make-up, the idea..Everything! was truly very absolutely satisfying. it touched me when i see the meadow to be exactly like how i imagined. Chris oh Chris, your hard work really paid off. It made me smile, it touched me, it even made me cry. what more can i say to truly show how i appreciate your effort.

Scram all those bad critics or reviews. I think it was great. You tried your best to make exactly like how you, Stephenie & all true twilighters imagined when they read the book. It wasnt perfect for anybody because everyone has their own imaginations. I know you're not a psychic nor a mind-reader. So can all critics stop being so hypocrite & admit he's just human.
Just be grateful that at least there's someone to make your dream of seeing Twilight come to life actually come true. To Chris, I really hope you continue directing the next & next Twilight Saga.

P.S: if you hate it so much, make your own movie.

November 28, 2009

Baby, It's Fact.

Just got back from Melaka (my mom's hometown) after celebrating a day of Hari Raya Aidil Adha.
So in the car while we're heading back to Kuala Lumpur, i was listening to my music through the headphone. it was loud but i can barely hear the others laughing, chatting something about marriage and then suddenly when i heard my name, i responded with "huh?". When i took off the headphone my dad asked me again, "Have you ever thought about getting married already?". Instantly i said, "Ew!" then laughter started bursting in, "I dont think i'll ever get married" i added. My dad was surprised when he heard that, "Ow, dont say that". I continued with a smile, "No really, i already accepted the fact. For real."

After that, my dad said something about me watching Twilight & then my sister started bugging in claiming that i love Taylor Lautner, I said no i've always love Edward (NOT Pattinson)..and came along the word 'immortal' and 'dead'. Haha! in the end the conversation just went in every direction. hahah

But after that topic i took a deep breath, fighting the tears from coming out. Say what you will, its what i think is a fact. The only thing i can do is to accept it. If love happens, it happens..if not, at least i expected it. *smile

Title, 'Baby, Its fact' song from Hellogoodbye.

November 26, 2009

Live What You Learn

I got a text message from my sister yesterday & it says..

"In life you will realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet.
Some are there to test you,
Some will use you,
Some will teach you,
And some will bring out the best in you.
Some may cause you pain but you'll learn to move on..

Open your mind, read it then try to understand it in every level of thoughts, in every perspectives & in every opinions.
It makes you analyse every person in your life. It brings back the old memories, probably the ones you never want to remember or perhaps it just reminds you of those you've forgotten.

So let go of the people who cant treat you right
And hold on to those who love you & see your worth."

my point of view,
they made an absolute impact in my life but i dont regret meeting or learning from any of them. Learn from your mistake and you will never waste another second of your life shedding the same tears you shed before.

November 25, 2009

According To Me

Used to be a good thing,
now it's so gone, no
I never wanted no one so bad
You didn't give me no solution
So I just gave up the fight

Cos I'm done and you're the one
Yeah, you get to be my last disaster
I don't wanna make this mistake again
And I'm through with you
And you're not moving up any faster
I don't wanna wait for you to change
You'll always gonna stay untogether.

Song Untogether by Orianthi.

November 24, 2009

She Bakes!

This one's for you, Aesha.

Several reasons why I us:
we're friends for 5 years.
you know me as much as i know you.
we're always there for each other.
im the chocolate lover & you're my supplier. haha
we're like yin & yang :D

But mostly, i dont think i can ever survive without your homemade cooking. Especially after you drugged me the first time with your lasagna. its at first bite. HAHA.
And because of those reasons, i want you to never stop feeding me. *lmao

Ladies & Gents,
If you want to know whats the real ra-ta-too-ee's definition of cheese, i recommend you to go here & believe me, it's simply magic. *smiling

November 23, 2009

Are You Simple Or Real?

A simple friend has never seen you cry.
A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A simple friend doesn't know your parents first names.
A real friend has their phone numbers in her address book.

A simple friend hates it when you call after she has gone to bed.
A real friend asks you why it took you so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history.
A real friend could blackmail you with it.

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A real friend opens the refrigerator and helps herself.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had fight.

A simple friend will say later.
A real friend will make the time for you now.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.
A real friend expects to always be there for you!

I just feel like posting this. No hidden message really, i think. Even if there is, i wouldnt notice it myself.
Probably just this, "i was more of a Real Friend to most of my Simple Friends."

November 20, 2009

Little Red Girl With Red Envelope

Currently: staring at a red envelope sitting between me & the screen.
Feeling: undefined
Listening to: an old playlist. now its 'Heaven'(candlelight mix) by DJ Sammy.

Wow, as im writing this it's already 12am.
Yesterday was the last day of school & yes, i did go to school for the last time as a Form 4. Next year's going to have a whole lot more experience coming up. Im ready, i think. haha.
Yes-ter-day..hmm, i spent the whole day playing UNO speed with Aesha & Auni. Ok yeah, it's not the best last day of school but at least i got to spend time with my together..enjoyed being 2009's Form 4 batch..for the last time.

Oh god, the playlist just shuffled & change to the next song. Now, its 'You Took My Heart Away' by Michael Learns To Rock *grin.
Its the song that played on that day. I remember i cried, we all cried (except Aesha) while my fingers can barely held the pen. It was the 21st of February in 2007, a day before Abby's 14th Birthday. We were all 13 year-old teenage girls sitting on every corner of Husna's room writing a personal letter for ourselves when we turn 16. *smiling to the flashback
On 14th May 2009, i turned 16. Right now, im staring at a red envelope with a black sheet of paper inside it. The thought of reading the letter from 13 year-old me was sort of amusing. haha.
I got the letter from Husna yesterday. We promised not to read it until we get home, so yea by now i read it already. I know we're not supposed to copy, take picture of it or any sort of trick to safe the content of the letter. Conserve its originality. haha, cyeah.
But i cant help, i was curious to see my own expressions while i read it. So i recorded myself reading the letter. Sorry, Husna *big grin. haha. Erm, looking back in the video you can say i was a bit surprised myself. Little bit disappointed, i didnt get to finish writing it or even get to the best part because of the limited time we had that day.

Our new mission is to write a new letter. Adding in the past, present & future..make it more interesting & meaningful. This time we get to write it at our home, so there's plenty of time to think, write & correct it. But, we're not sure of when or what year we're 'sending' it to. I mean next year is the last year we all still together in the same place everyday. After that, who knows where we'll be. You know, the sky is the limit, after graduating Form 5 we' Some of us might go abroad & the chances of meeting each other again is very little. Oh no, im getting too far. i know. Anyhow, this letter is what will bring us back together. Only us in this present time can remind ourselves in the future of what we were, how much we've gone through & who has always been there for us throughout all this time.

& im going to start with reminding myself of what have made me the way I am today. cheers :)

November 19, 2009

What Are We Doing?

I have no idea, really.
It was a silent-argument, yea sure it was.
In the end we talked, we opened up to each other.
No denial there.
So why?
I know i told you i needed more time & that you shouldnt get your hopes up.
But that was before i figured there could be a better way.
Better than me taking alot more time, not realizing the space between us has grown wider than before.
So, why?
I called you back, the line disconnected halfway through your caller ringtone.
I dialled your number again, then i knew it myself by the second time it disconnected. You didnt want to answer it.
Everything could've been fine between us by now. Maybe not like before but at least the space stop growing.


You wanted us to talk. I called you before i even know you'd ask for a conversation. Im no psychic, probably because i just know when you've reach your emotional point. It just tells me to forget the ego for a while.
What happens if i didnt call? It doesnt matter now is it.
That night, probably determines what happens next.
I assured you im not ending this friendship.
You wanted 'us' back, except to me 'us' is like giving myself up to get hurt again. I cant pretend like you dont have a clue of how i feel about 'us'.
I wanted the pain to stop but not by hurting you. The only better way i could think of is for us to be less than besties, but more than friends.
Do you think we can be that? The phone rings but you left me hanging there without an answer.
Can you imagine that. One simple call for a talk at night could turn everything around, but one tone rings halfway through and then stop.says a million words.
As i put down the phone, i said to myself "i guess thats your answer then".

As days went by swiftly, i didnt give any respond to you after that night because i truly was speechless. Or maybe because i know you wouldnt even care to notice if i post something to you here.

Maybe this really is...i dont know, you fill the blank.

Thursday Afternoon

Currently: Enjoying every bite of Aki's lasagna. (oooyeah)
Feeling: cozy :)

Lasagna lasagna lasagna. hahah. I can say that million times even if i'd scare the hell out of all chefs in Italy..or is it France? Oh well.

Lets see, today is Thursday the 19th of November in 2009. Tomorrow's the last day of school! Cheers to all form 4! Next year we're seniors (crowd goes wooo!), we'll get our driving license (yeahh!) & then we have to face SPM (cricket chirps in the background). haha
Anyway, this year has been..great. Every year is awesome.
Despite this past few weeks filled with drama drama drama. Other seems pretty easy to get through.
Well, everyday is a new day.

November 18, 2009

Life Is A Story

Everyday in life is written long ago,
Life is like a story, we are characters in it, we have to play our role.
All days (like scene) is written ago so only thing we have to do is play part of our role,
Face each day with lot of patience and courage and think for better tomorrow.
At same time consider today as better than yesterday, and
Enjoy each and everyday, moment as it comes,
Tomorrow is like shining sun,
Today is like bright moon and
Yesterday was darken day.


Overloading Thoughts

Alone..what does it really mean anyway?
Aren't we all alone in this world? If not. Well, we should know that eventually we will be.
Everybody is on their own.

Being alone is not the same with being lonely.
You're alone, so yes of course you'll feel lonely.
Good news, you're not the only one who feels alone.
When everyone's alone, no one is.
Because everybody shares the same feelings, so we're not really alone.
Conclusion is..dont say you're too vulnerable for this world when there's alot more other vulnerable people still fighting to live their life more than you do.

P.S: My fingers just blindly type all the craps that pops out of my head. Dont crack your head trying to understand what i wrote here. Its from many theories into one ball of thought.

Warning! My thoughts are more complicated than puzzles.

I Give You..

nothing. haha.
Unless you're willing to trade, agree?

This year, tomorrow, today actually..all the best of lucks for you.
Next year, it'll be for me, my friends & all 2010 SPM candidates. *brr

To all 2009 SPM candidates, just do your very best in all papers & 'tawakal' to Allah.
Everything will be just fine, you can do it!

November 15, 2009

Pieces Of Me

You know the moment when you just want to relax, do something that helps to slow down the time around you. Cause you just need to reject every pressure & weight that has been on you for quite some time, all you need

I need that kind of space. I need silence & i dont want to respond to anything. So i did what i always do everytime i want to get away from problems, thoughts or people that screwing my mind. But only for a while. Either i overdosed my medicine (oh, chocolate) or experimenting photoshop.

Another piece of myself,

Combination of many pictures. From my hobbies to my favourite stuffs.
I'll just elaborate it, there's chocolate & cookies of course, i love to eat. Camera covered in honey, since my name is Hani & photography is what i love to do, but it cannot top my addiction in shopping. There's money in it too..duh, who doesnt love money. The big coin is my favourite thing actually, its a Japanese rice coin i got from my old friend. I wear it as a pendant on every outing. An ipod indicates that i never forget my music. Its my source of new perspectives. Next to it is, well, my lover, my phone. haha. you're the best i've ever had. Finally, my most favourite stations. Blogger, my own world to pour my overload thoughts out. DeviantArt, most reliable source to get new stocks for my experiment. YouTube, my backup when every shows on tv sucks. Last but never the least, Photoshop, i dont know what i'd do without you (actually, i do). haha. That's it then, my most favourite things.

Somewhere Down The Road, I Found A Key.

Before & After

November 14, 2009

My Point Of View

Be Independent.

Undefined Feelings.

Sometimes the only thing you can do to make them realize is by stop trying and leave.

Back to Basic

Was it torturing? Hell yeah. Finally, the internet bugs are dead. haha
First stop, downloading music. wohoo!

November 6, 2009

Simon says, "Im Bored"

A friend of mine requested a photomanipulation of hers. Truthfully, i havent done any photomanip before apart from retouching, coloring & itsy bitsy of reconstruct. Maybe i did some but im not sure if it was photomanipulating. haha. So i did some research to learn how to make it look at least a bit realistic. I dont want to disappoint her. Then, i made a little test on other photos, sprinkled abit of a'nixie dust. hahah. So, tadaa!

November 5, 2009

Dont Be Shallow

You know what's more disappointing than not be able to brush away all jerks in this world? Knowing that there are still idiots wandering around mocking people who's better than them.

Like today, two boys were mocking Aesha & I when they heard us speaking in English. Seriously, guys..its childish & makes you look stupider than ever. hahah.
It wasnt the first time though. I remember the first was a few months ago, a boy said to me, "Kita kan orang Malaysia, cakap la Bahasa Melayu". HAHA. Still funny till now.
I mean c'mon boys, if its the matter of 'lupa diri' i honestly say i know where i stand & sane enough to know who i am. I most definitely have no intention to be proud or showing off for that matter. English just comes naturally & i love it because it brings out every meaning in my words more powerful.
But if its the matter of jealousy? That, i cant help. Just because i have friends to chat in English & you dont, doesnt mean you could mock us. Its disrespectful & because of that you dont deserve my respect. At least, my friends are brave & not ashamed to speak English even if its not fluently.

I know most malays are holding in their tongue when they could've speak English fluently. I'll tell you why, their so called 'friends' are not supportive. Either they couldnt speak English or they're too scared to make mistakes. So everytime any of the member in the group try to speak, they mock them, saying that he/she is showing off. It makes me so frustrated. Just because you dont want to speak English, doesnt mean you can tell others that they cant.

On the bright side, its sort of flattering if you see it in a new perspective. Somehow it makes you feel like they're mocking you is a minor thing because they care to even talk about you when you couldnt care less to vomit a word about them. We have brain & education, use it.

November 2, 2009

You were gone

So just be gone.
Why are you still here?
I thought i've thrown you far away,
And you seemed like you dont care.

I pushed you, pushed you hard,
Why do you keep coming back?
You were out of my life,
Now, you're in my dreams.

Go away, just go and leave me,
I dont want to remember you,
I dont want to care anymore.

Leave, just leave and dont come back.
For you have done enough to make me realize,
Realize about the truth behind every faces.

Written for you, Z.