November 28, 2009

Baby, It's Fact.

Just got back from Melaka (my mom's hometown) after celebrating a day of Hari Raya Aidil Adha.
So in the car while we're heading back to Kuala Lumpur, i was listening to my music through the headphone. it was loud but i can barely hear the others laughing, chatting something about marriage and then suddenly when i heard my name, i responded with "huh?". When i took off the headphone my dad asked me again, "Have you ever thought about getting married already?". Instantly i said, "Ew!" then laughter started bursting in, "I dont think i'll ever get married" i added. My dad was surprised when he heard that, "Ow, dont say that". I continued with a smile, "No really, i already accepted the fact. For real."

After that, my dad said something about me watching Twilight & then my sister started bugging in claiming that i love Taylor Lautner, I said no i've always love Edward (NOT Pattinson)..and came along the word 'immortal' and 'dead'. Haha! in the end the conversation just went in every direction. hahah

But after that topic i took a deep breath, fighting the tears from coming out. Say what you will, its what i think is a fact. The only thing i can do is to accept it. If love happens, it happens..if not, at least i expected it. *smile

Title, 'Baby, Its fact' song from Hellogoodbye.