November 15, 2009

Pieces Of Me

You know the moment when you just want to relax, do something that helps to slow down the time around you. Cause you just need to reject every pressure & weight that has been on you for quite some time, all you need

I need that kind of space. I need silence & i dont want to respond to anything. So i did what i always do everytime i want to get away from problems, thoughts or people that screwing my mind. But only for a while. Either i overdosed my medicine (oh, chocolate) or experimenting photoshop.

Another piece of myself,

Combination of many pictures. From my hobbies to my favourite stuffs.
I'll just elaborate it, there's chocolate & cookies of course, i love to eat. Camera covered in honey, since my name is Hani & photography is what i love to do, but it cannot top my addiction in shopping. There's money in it too..duh, who doesnt love money. The big coin is my favourite thing actually, its a Japanese rice coin i got from my old friend. I wear it as a pendant on every outing. An ipod indicates that i never forget my music. Its my source of new perspectives. Next to it is, well, my lover, my phone. haha. you're the best i've ever had. Finally, my most favourite stations. Blogger, my own world to pour my overload thoughts out. DeviantArt, most reliable source to get new stocks for my experiment. YouTube, my backup when every shows on tv sucks. Last but never the least, Photoshop, i dont know what i'd do without you (actually, i do). haha. That's it then, my most favourite things.