November 18, 2009

Overloading Thoughts

Alone..what does it really mean anyway?
Aren't we all alone in this world? If not. Well, we should know that eventually we will be.
Everybody is on their own.

Being alone is not the same with being lonely.
You're alone, so yes of course you'll feel lonely.
Good news, you're not the only one who feels alone.
When everyone's alone, no one is.
Because everybody shares the same feelings, so we're not really alone.
Conclusion is..dont say you're too vulnerable for this world when there's alot more other vulnerable people still fighting to live their life more than you do.

P.S: My fingers just blindly type all the craps that pops out of my head. Dont crack your head trying to understand what i wrote here. Its from many theories into one ball of thought.

Warning! My thoughts are more complicated than puzzles.