November 20, 2009

Little Red Girl With Red Envelope

Currently: staring at a red envelope sitting between me & the screen.
Feeling: undefined
Listening to: an old playlist. now its 'Heaven'(candlelight mix) by DJ Sammy.

Wow, as im writing this it's already 12am.
Yesterday was the last day of school & yes, i did go to school for the last time as a Form 4. Next year's going to have a whole lot more experience coming up. Im ready, i think. haha.
Yes-ter-day..hmm, i spent the whole day playing UNO speed with Aesha & Auni. Ok yeah, it's not the best last day of school but at least i got to spend time with my together..enjoyed being 2009's Form 4 batch..for the last time.

Oh god, the playlist just shuffled & change to the next song. Now, its 'You Took My Heart Away' by Michael Learns To Rock *grin.
Its the song that played on that day. I remember i cried, we all cried (except Aesha) while my fingers can barely held the pen. It was the 21st of February in 2007, a day before Abby's 14th Birthday. We were all 13 year-old teenage girls sitting on every corner of Husna's room writing a personal letter for ourselves when we turn 16. *smiling to the flashback
On 14th May 2009, i turned 16. Right now, im staring at a red envelope with a black sheet of paper inside it. The thought of reading the letter from 13 year-old me was sort of amusing. haha.
I got the letter from Husna yesterday. We promised not to read it until we get home, so yea by now i read it already. I know we're not supposed to copy, take picture of it or any sort of trick to safe the content of the letter. Conserve its originality. haha, cyeah.
But i cant help, i was curious to see my own expressions while i read it. So i recorded myself reading the letter. Sorry, Husna *big grin. haha. Erm, looking back in the video you can say i was a bit surprised myself. Little bit disappointed, i didnt get to finish writing it or even get to the best part because of the limited time we had that day.

Our new mission is to write a new letter. Adding in the past, present & future..make it more interesting & meaningful. This time we get to write it at our home, so there's plenty of time to think, write & correct it. But, we're not sure of when or what year we're 'sending' it to. I mean next year is the last year we all still together in the same place everyday. After that, who knows where we'll be. You know, the sky is the limit, after graduating Form 5 we' Some of us might go abroad & the chances of meeting each other again is very little. Oh no, im getting too far. i know. Anyhow, this letter is what will bring us back together. Only us in this present time can remind ourselves in the future of what we were, how much we've gone through & who has always been there for us throughout all this time.

& im going to start with reminding myself of what have made me the way I am today. cheers :)