November 30, 2009

Cinta Baru?

LMAO! I found Twilight Saga: New Moon books translated in Malay when i went to Kinokuniya at KLCC today. On the bottom of the cover it printed 'Cinta Baru', i was like "what?!" with my face expression..couldnt even say a word.
Still laughing as im writing this. hahah!
oh god, i'll just skip it & move on. i dont even want to know who translated it.

*clear throat
I went to watch New Moon today with my friends at the cinema in KLCC. Honestly, i prefer Pavilion more because i like the ambiance there. More cozy, less fakers. *smiling
I'll just cut through..Thank You Chris Weitz! the meadow, the scene, the make-up, the idea..Everything! was truly very absolutely satisfying. it touched me when i see the meadow to be exactly like how i imagined. Chris oh Chris, your hard work really paid off. It made me smile, it touched me, it even made me cry. what more can i say to truly show how i appreciate your effort.

Scram all those bad critics or reviews. I think it was great. You tried your best to make exactly like how you, Stephenie & all true twilighters imagined when they read the book. It wasnt perfect for anybody because everyone has their own imaginations. I know you're not a psychic nor a mind-reader. So can all critics stop being so hypocrite & admit he's just human.
Just be grateful that at least there's someone to make your dream of seeing Twilight come to life actually come true. To Chris, I really hope you continue directing the next & next Twilight Saga.

P.S: if you hate it so much, make your own movie.