November 5, 2009

Dont Be Shallow

You know what's more disappointing than not be able to brush away all jerks in this world? Knowing that there are still idiots wandering around mocking people who's better than them.

Like today, two boys were mocking Aesha & I when they heard us speaking in English. Seriously, guys..its childish & makes you look stupider than ever. hahah.
It wasnt the first time though. I remember the first was a few months ago, a boy said to me, "Kita kan orang Malaysia, cakap la Bahasa Melayu". HAHA. Still funny till now.
I mean c'mon boys, if its the matter of 'lupa diri' i honestly say i know where i stand & sane enough to know who i am. I most definitely have no intention to be proud or showing off for that matter. English just comes naturally & i love it because it brings out every meaning in my words more powerful.
But if its the matter of jealousy? That, i cant help. Just because i have friends to chat in English & you dont, doesnt mean you could mock us. Its disrespectful & because of that you dont deserve my respect. At least, my friends are brave & not ashamed to speak English even if its not fluently.

I know most malays are holding in their tongue when they could've speak English fluently. I'll tell you why, their so called 'friends' are not supportive. Either they couldnt speak English or they're too scared to make mistakes. So everytime any of the member in the group try to speak, they mock them, saying that he/she is showing off. It makes me so frustrated. Just because you dont want to speak English, doesnt mean you can tell others that they cant.

On the bright side, its sort of flattering if you see it in a new perspective. Somehow it makes you feel like they're mocking you is a minor thing because they care to even talk about you when you couldnt care less to vomit a word about them. We have brain & education, use it.