November 19, 2009

Thursday Afternoon

Currently: Enjoying every bite of Aki's lasagna. (oooyeah)
Feeling: cozy :)

Lasagna lasagna lasagna. hahah. I can say that million times even if i'd scare the hell out of all chefs in Italy..or is it France? Oh well.

Lets see, today is Thursday the 19th of November in 2009. Tomorrow's the last day of school! Cheers to all form 4! Next year we're seniors (crowd goes wooo!), we'll get our driving license (yeahh!) & then we have to face SPM (cricket chirps in the background). haha
Anyway, this year has been..great. Every year is awesome.
Despite this past few weeks filled with drama drama drama. Other seems pretty easy to get through.
Well, everyday is a new day.