April 25, 2010

Girl, you're not worth it.

I have some things i wanted to say, but i won't say it cause i saw in you how unimportant it is to save this broken friendship, i saw that in every way you move. That's when i realized how unimportant you're supposed to be to me.
Conclusion, I'm not going to write those words i've thought awhile ago because you're just not worth it.

And, i vowed to myself, i will not be the one to show the white flag first. Because i know you so.so.so very well, if i be the one who goes and say how unsated i feel, you'd put all the blame on me and make me look like a fool. Your own words will definitely be like this, "You were the one who started it. You wanted out and not care about me anymore. Now, you're making a fuss about me not caring about us?".

Cyeah, i can imagine it in 3D. You care, i know you do cause i see that in your eyes everytime we meet. But you just can't show it and tell me yourself because of your ego. You never praise anyone but you love being praised. You never give attention to anyone else but you crave for theirs. You love to be cared but honestly, you don't care about anyone.

Alright, yes. I started it because you don't treat me like i treat you. I started it because i thought it's the only way I could make you see how i feel. I started it because i wanted to see how much i mean to you. But hey! i forgot how cold and selfish you are to even show how you really feel. I've said this before, i guess for you 'us' just not worth to fight for.

If that so, then you're not worth my time anymore.

P.S: I really want to say goodbye but i'm gonna have to see your face every morning in assembly, so, whatever.