April 11, 2011

I'm a dreamer.

I am obsessed with Tumblr! It's like my source of living. Words can't express how I feel, let alone need it. It's like, when you love something so much you want everyone to know but you'd hate it if couple strangers try to join in (especially if they're so closed and shallow minded people).

Tumblr is a place of art, beauty in every possible way. It gives you feelings of experiencing life in an honest, truthful way. It shows you the truths, opens your eyes, widens your perspectives, make you laugh, cry, smile, hope and even joy. Tumblr is a place for dreamers like me.

I'm even thinking of buying an ipad or iphone just for Tumblr.
But right now, honestly, I've been infected with shopaholic virus. I'm feeling greedy and I crave for things, ALOT of things at once. If I'm a freakin big fat billionaire, just in a blink of an eye I'd have spend a million in a day. At least half a million, maybe a quarter. That's why for now, I dream BIG.