August 25, 2009


Here's a weird tale for ya. u see this man in the pic? i saw his face in my oh-so-sweet-dreams couple weeks ago. I have facebook and the quizzes? addictive! like how Edward Cullen said to Bella in Twilight, "you're my new brand of heroin". HAHA!
Back to fb, so i did this quiz called "what will my future husband look like?" n my result was "He is a hottie now but later he may put some weight on. He will love you but he will still have his anger management moments.". Guess which picture came out with it? LOL
Superstitious? Naww, im matured enough for my age and pretty sure im not too 'desperado' to believe in those stuffs & girls..please dont bet your life on something so incredibly ridiculous. No matter how flattering the result may be.