May 16, 2010

She's 17!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me C=
Yeah, i'm getting old. 17 years of living has been pretty much adventurous to me. many has changed, gone through so much, but still not enough. There're many more experiences i need to discover.

Still very tired from the party.
Supposedly my birthday was on 14th May but i held my party today on 15th May because it's weekend.
It started good. Regina and Syahirah were the early birds from school since there was an activity. They both came along with me and my dad to get my cake and buy a packet of marshmallows. We ran around in that mall like couple of kids found candyland.

Farah came just in time when our stomach were craving for food. We eat, snap pictures. eat, snap pictures until more people arrived. Syasya, Shaffrul, Aindayu, Abby and Adzram arrived respectively. After eating, Regina played my dad's guitar and Syasya played the keyboard, Shaff was playing the 'Kompang' and we made a band together. Hahah.

Husna, Irsyad and Teena came pretty late and i almost slice the cake without them cause time wasn't on my side and Syahirah needed to go back home at 3pm. When they arrived, immediately i pushed them to eat first then we bring the cake out. We sang 'Happy Birthday' song, pictures and more pictures were snapped. I sliced the cake for everyone. I couldn't help myself to wait any longer cause i really wanted to play the 'chubby bunny' game.

The game was to stuff your mouth with marshmallows as many as you could but you have to say 'chubby bunny' everytime you put another marshmallow inside your mouth. hahah. Should've seen their faces, everyone were so chubby. After that, we all walked to Wangsa Walk. It was tiring for someone who just had fever like me. Yes, i had fever on my birthday but it all worth it. Arrived at the mall 3.32 pm, such luck, the bowling was fully booked and the only movie we could watch was 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love'. hahah

We decided to buy a horror DVD movie instead and go back to my house. Husna and Irsyad bought 5 large popcorns and i bought secret recipe's beverages. The drinks weren't  ready and my dad already arrived in the long line of traffic jam. He got really pissed because he had to make another turn to fetch us. It's bad, but i always do that. Hahah, sorry dad :p
and sorry to Husna, Irsyad and Abby for scaring you guys. hahah

We watched the movie in my living room with lights off and curtains shut, eating popcorns, screams and squeals. Everything turned out quite fine. The party ended pretty late than expected but i had a blast :D

Thanks guys, for showing up on my party. Sorry for any wrongs or mistakes that happened and thanks for putting up with it. Thanks again for such great party in this last year we are having together. Im grateful for having all of you in my life. Love, hugs and flying kisses ;)

P.S: pictures will be uploaded soon.