June 25, 2010

Leave me a message right after the 'Beep'

Hey, I won't be posting for a  long period of time. I'm focusing on my priority now which is the SPM examination. Love, Hugs & Kisses. I already miss you bloggie :(

I'm currently using Twitter, a lot, as a place to pour out my thoughts in any second anytime anywhere. So it's easier than pouring it here cause I know once I sit and start to type on Blogger, I'd take a whole lot of time. I can't allow that to happen. Can't take that risk. So Twitter's to the rescue! I still love you deeply, Bloggie.

I'll be back next year. Promise. Unless ofcourse, if i have a very very important stuff to share and I just have to write it here then I'll be back in a jiff.

P.S: Don't give up on me yet.