December 12, 2010

SPM is OVER..well, almost.

I still have one last paper this Wednesday. All 9 subjects are done, the one left is EST.

Revising back on what I had gone through this past few months..
First of all, I felt like I'd better off dead. In my case, suicide would be a sin. Sleeping however is the closest I can get to being as peaceful as being dead. Almost all the time I wished I could sleep and never wake up again. Curiosity adds to this guilty pleasure of mine when I wondered what would it be if I'm gone.
One can only wonder so much..

I tried putting back all the pieces together, I had to. What do I have left anyway?
Searching for even the tiniest piece of happiness and joy to my life that made me the way I am and helped me get through this life. I did it. I think. Almost.

So school is over. Finally. No more highschool, no more drama, no more dealing or meeting with hypocrites. Not really, I mean these stuffs don't just disappear from your life after highschool. There're many things worst out there and I can only hope I can survive them alone.