January 16, 2012

Am I mad enough to be sane?

You know when people say, "At least you've tried." Damn well, I tried.
It doesn't hurt anymore.. if it matters.

I tried..to move on you know. I thought I was close to love again. I thought I was able to fall for someone again. I did, actually, I did. I fell for this guy in my class..

I thought it was different this time, that he might just be the one to help me get out of your world. You see, because I always compare every guy I met with you. Every single damn time, I'd search for you in every guy I meet. None of them made me want to get to know them any better, cause none of them were you. But this guy, I didn't even notice you pass by my mind whenever he's near. He was who he is to me, and I like him. He was him to my eyes and not you. So I fell for him...or so I thought.

One night of him showing his true face, him admitting how little he cares of me..was enough to make me forget about my feelings for him.
And you know what, I wouldn't be too happy to hear myself saying this..
But if truth be told, my love, the only reason I'm still willing to go through this pain is because it is you. 5 years of hope, my love, and I would not have done it for anyone else but you.

Some would say I'm crazy. But they don't know me. I've loved and wanted you, your perfections and your flaws, all of you. I fell deep and hard.. And maybe, just maybe, the only way to forget you is to be diagnosed with amnesia.