September 7, 2009

2 Love You Is

2 love u is to fear you,
2 cry when your away.
2 see u in my every thoughts,
2 want u everyday.

2 want u is an addiction,
2 want u makes me ill.
Every look I lay upon u,
Makes my world stand still.

2 hear u is a living dream,
Of words I've heard before.
2 touch u is like a dangerous drug,
It makes me need u even more.

2 smell u takes my breath away,
I get lost in your cologne.
2 love u is 2 hurt inside,
Whenever I'm alone.

2 taste your lips leaves me numb,
2 hold u leaves me whole.
2 love u is 2 need you,
2 know u moves my soul!

What am i thinking when im posting this? Huo da & Jiang Meng! *grin*
I specially edited the picture above, thats him & me *grin*. LOL!
Alright, so i am currently addicted to him, who? aaa just a character in a Taiwanese drama series.
I cant deny i do falls alot for characters in tv. what can i say, its my guilty pleasure. Not to mention im a sucker for mixed-chinese looks. sigh*
But anyhow i dont feel the same way to the actor, i mean i only love him in the movie not himself in real life. so read this carefully, (its for those who claims he's theirs. sheesh people!)
So the character belongs to all. I already keep mine :D