September 13, 2009

Not All Is Pretty

Just as i expected the movie 'The Ugly Truth' is a killer! it jumps right into my top list of the best movie ever made by mankind! haha

"You think you know what men gonna do, you think you know what men want to do but when it comes right down to that moment where they actually need to step up and, i dont know..make a move?! They chicken out!
The great, strong, brave men that we've all been reading about in novels & watching them in movies since we were 9 years old..well, they dont exist. Men aren't strong, men are not brave, Men! are afraid. Men.Are.Weak." - Abby in The Ugly Truth

LMAO! This is just what i need. Though i'd say 95% of the content is freaking true. And the part 'freaky' is when it pulls the trigger and shot me in the head. In my dictionary it means 'i hate it when something reminds me bout the ugliness of the truth". Especially when Abby (Katherine Heigl) ask Mike (Gerard Butler) about the one who broke his heart and said "Im just interested in what makes you, you.". Cause you see, Mike is someone who doesnt believe there's such thing as a good relationship and he's a master in reading men & women. You could say that i've been walking in his shoes ever since i saw myself getting my hopes up and finally crashing down and burn. I tend to be 'Mike', standing strong to not let anything make me feel that way again. But when someone or something reminds me of what makes me the way i am today, i dare say its like someone just turn the knife over...ha-ha-hahh (:

Abby : I had momentarily lost my sense of judgement when i thought you were more than what you are but you arent, clearly!
Mike : Oh yeah? Well what does that mean?
Abby : "Im Mike Chadway, i like girls in Jell-o, i like to f**k like a monkey. Dont fall in love, its SCARY."
Mike : Yeah, it is scary. Its terrifying, especially when im in love with a psycho like you!
Abby : I am not a psycho!
Mike : I just told you i love you n all u heard was 'psycho'.

HAHA. Want more? Watch it yourself ;)