September 3, 2009

Brain meets Heart

How can someone say that they love themselves but still letting anyone hurt them? isnt that just mean you're lying and worst..betraying yourself.
That question changed my valuation of people around me. When you love something, you treasure it, protect it so that no one can break nor harm it, you keep it close to you because you want to keep it longer. No bruise, no scratch, no dirt nor dust..just perfect & unchanged because you know it might not be valuable to you anymore if there's a slight changes.
Frequently people points at those who causes the pain to them. Unfortunately they rarely ever ask themselves "why didnt i ever expected this? I knew it but still letting it happens to me." Ever thought at that point when you're hurt by someone, you realize they're just a waste of your time. Because time is precious and should be wisely spend with something or someone that are not worthless. So suck it up, cause those who hurts you are not worth your time.
Where i pointed was myself. I gain my strength to stand up again after got knocked down by a human being that doesnt even qualified to be in my life. Nevertheless, i chose not to deny that person ever crossed my life because they did. I know it hurts to think of the person you love is dead and you will never see them again. But it's worst if you set your mind to think like that just because you're rejecting the thoughts of that person never even exist. It's pathetic & no one likes to feel that way.
So there i was, shattered in pieces until a voice stroked my brain asking me questions, giving me hopes to regain myself. Its almost like when you fight with your boyfriend and you ask so many questions to them just to see if they truly love you.*pfft*

Brain : Do you love your heart?
Me : Of course, i do.
Brain : Liar, if you do you wouldnt have let it get hurt.

Weird but its fact. Im not saying that you should build a wall with high security system around your heart. That will surely keeps everyone out even those who matters and trust me you dont want that. All im saying is you're capable of thinking & choosing whats best. Its okay to take risk in your life because it gives you some spice. Accept whoever enters your life, just dont let them be your life. Never make someone a priority when you're just an option to them.