October 23, 2010

Moving On To Depressions

It happens all the time. Right when I found someone who could make me the person they care the most in the whole world, somebody else snatches them away. It hurts even more painful if the person who stole them away from me is someone I know.

Everything I do, every good deeds I do comes with only one purpose. I don't ask for anything else than appreciation. Because maybe someday one of them would decide to care about me more than they care about anyone else.

I need someone who will understand me. Someone who would give me their full attention to. Someone who would notice and smile the moment I walk in the room. Someone who will never get distracted when I talk to them. Someone who will treat me like I'm special than other girls in the room. Someone who just won't get distracted from me even when my beautiful bestfriends are under the limelight. Someone who isn't easily impressed by how talkative and friendly and lovely my beautiful bestfriends could be. Just, someone who proved they do not want anybody else than me and only me, for who I am.