October 4, 2009

Jiggy Jacuzzi

5 houses in a week. 2 down, 3 to go.

House number one, Syahirah's! hahah. It was on this saturday which is today..or yesterday.
Nevermind. Actually, her house was down on number two cause before hers i went to my mom's friend openhouse. I even noted myself to save some space for later on. But it slipped my mind when we got lost for an hour 'tawaf-ing' the neighbourhood. haha. I ate a whole plate of pulut kuning with rendang. drools*
By the time we got home it was already about 2 hours away from the time for Syahirah's openhouse. briefly said, i got a ride from Auni, picked Joanne from school, then straight to Syahirah's. whee. We waited for others to arrive first before we go eat. After, we 'filled the tank' we went to her room. First thought..its Pink! then jump on the bed, digging on her stuffs (sorry) and ow yeah! how can i forget, she has her own bathroom..not only that, she has her own JACUZZI TUB! sigh*

How many of us (girls especially) wish for a good relaxing spa treatment after a long stressful day? and how would you react when you see one right in front of your eyes? you go gaga all over! lol
The rest of the day was great. we had our VIP tour around the house, looked through all her baby pictures (except for Joanne, too faithful to her phone), had photoshoots & more snapping pictures. here's some.

It was tiring, but i love it. the more the merrier, rite?

We got home so late, about 7.15pm. Traffic jam in Malaysia..no surprise. Guess thats it for today. Cant wait for Teena's tomorrow! She makes the best Lasagna! gulp*