October 17, 2009

Left Hip Blue, You Idiot.

So there’s this guy. Physically he looks mature enough but mentally he’s still a boy. He never ashamed of himself & don’t even care what others might think of him. Not to mention when him being silly is always entertaining (haha).
Best feature, his smile. He loves to make people laugh, makes me smile even when he’s not trying. He’s very open-minded..perhaps too open (hahah) & supporting. He always joke around, crazy even (wouldn’t miss that) but it surprises me when he too knows when to be serious. Hardly sweet-talking but very caring in his own way. It’s funny, he might looks tough in public eyes, but he’s as tame as a cat with his close ones. He can focus on my voice even though I’m not the only calling his name. He’s very unique & definitely my one of a kind. Most importantly, he knows his priority. Not to forget, the common reasons..he’s loyal & considerate. On top of all, I’m part of his life.

So there’s this list. A list of ‘why I hate him’. Couldn’t think of anything really. Maybe cause the lucky number one says it all. *drumming*
1. ‘He’ does not exist. (not really)

How can I say this. Umm, chyeah well..only one person I could think of when I wrote this. Believe me, not a second of every word i could stop myself from smiling. God! what have I got myself into.