October 21, 2009

Temporary Insanity

Cyeahh, im head over flip flops over head for McFly.
Prove? One, i asked the world for their opinions on my feeling towards the lead singer. Planning on posting the best answer i got from the viewer. You'll think im crazy but hey, i dont care.
Two, couldnt stop myself from surfing more info about them & not to mention countless videos of McFly watched on YouTube.
Three, i made Twitter account just to follow the band's most latest updates.
Now, to me creating another account apart from how-many-webs i've already joined is a big deal. Cause i dont care about getting any feedback from strangers. So what's the point of creating another profile for others to check on me when im not even interested, right? urgh! So you get the point where i've no will power to endure them. Of course, since they're the only reason i created my twitter, i've no interest on following other people apart from McFly & other celebrities. sigh*