October 9, 2009

Letter Two

Picture me reading this to you.

Be fair.That's what they said after giving some thoughts about a question. The same one i asked you.
Remember it? About a boy and a girl.
They both claim to be each other's besties. But somehow, she doesnt feel like the first among all his girlfriends. Definitely different than how she makes him feel like he's number one among all her boyfriends. Does that look fair to you?
Tell me, dear. Do you remember what was your answer?
You said, you know how that feels like and you reminded me with one of your past. Then, you said..the girl should've treat him the same way he treats her.

I asked you, "really?" and you said, "yes".
I looked at you at that moment and tried to imagine what would your answer be if only you knew that question was based on us.