October 26, 2009

What If..

Sequel to 'Temporary Insanity'. This is the elaboration of my BIG question i asked to 'the world' & also an answer i got from one of the viewer that i think is the top among all. If you noticed that i forgot to include what's the BIG question was, i dont. I'd like to keep it between me and 'the world'. hahah

Elaboration: "i know most of the answers will be "stop chasing dream & go back to reality". i was in reality n even swore to myself i'll never find the one cause to me there are no men in this world, only boys. That is until i found this one singer and got head over heels with his originality. He's the only one i find..unique. its like the quote, "seek and you shall find". what if i've already found him, but he's miles away."- Me

Answer: "Listen to me when i say this: I know what it's like because i was in that EXACT situation. I fell in love with the singer in a band, and i knew he was the one for me. The problem was that i didn't know him. I know you aren't going to listen to me when i say this, because i wouldn't have listened either, but anyways...He isn't the one. There are others out there. You don't know him. As much as you know about him, as much as you think you know him, you don't. You don't know him. You don't know what he does behind closed doors. You don't know how he treats people. What you see isn't really him. it's Hollywood, and everything they do. Trust me, it's a bad situation to be in. You'll eventually realize that. I was "in love" with this guy for way too long, and then when i realized what he really was i was crushed. Everything i thought i'd been in love with was a complete lie. Now, everything is okay. It's been a year since i had my realization, and i know that the whole obsession was stupid. I'm really glad i'm over it. Now i really like this boy who goes to my school. It's a million times better, because he's real and right here. You don't have to go online or to the tv to see him. He's just there. My advice to you is to enjoy his music but try your best not to get too caught up in it, because as much as you feel like you know him, you really don't. Most likely you'll realize that eventually, if you don't now. I just hope it won't be too hard when you do. Good luck. I hope everything works out." -Anonymous

aaand there it is, the ugly truth. I already knew the result, the little voice made me do it.
Who am i kidding, a 16 year old teenager who cant even drive without getting lost, wishing to be with a popular 23 year old unique-musician-psycho-maniac-cute-idiotic..son of a dork. HAHA. Fine, at least he proved to me that there is someone original enough to impress me.
Truthfully says, this isnt the first time this kind of 'love' hits me (but the first after i changed personality). Im professionally trained for any kind of 'bumper' ahead. haha. Therefore, back to my previous state then! Thanks for listening/reading ;)