February 7, 2010

I'm 72.8% water

The person you love is 72.8% water

What a day. my school held a cross country today. Like almost every year, i took part in it. but unlike other years, today i walked/jogged from the start with my bestfriend, Auni. By the end of the race my face burned except the region around my eyes maybe cause i didn't put sunblock on my eyelids. I looked like a tomato. haha
They were selling fruity ice blended this year. The mango flavor was delicious! i bought it twice. The second cup i tried lychee with dragon fruit flavor but then i gave it to Teena. yuck! sorry.
I guess i should admit i bought it 3 times cause i was drepressed. Husna came to us with Irsyad and she told me something. She said, she thinks its true, Chocolate boy hooked up with Marshmellow girl. haha
I love giving names, not for bad mouthing them. Just so those busybody people wouldn't know who i'm talking about.
She's cute, i agree. That news really turned off my mood today. Not cause im jealous, okay, fine..maybe i am. but mostly because that same feeling i was having, was exactly the same one i had in the past couple years. Disappointment. i was frustrated because i let myself feel that way again.
Anyhow, its just a rumour. He said he doesn't want any relationship, if the 'rumour' is true i guess he changed his mind. She does look really 'manja' or clingy, you know..acts like a new couple.
After the event, tae-kwan-do club had to stay for demo practice. I stayed but i didn't kick or punch, i just sat at the corner. Watching Husna, Teena, Shaffrul, Adzram, Luqman..and him practicing their kicks and punches. Its tiring..i think all, i mean every girl is tired of being invisible to their crush. But what to do? We're made to be shy and complicated.

"And I just wanna show you she don’t even know you
She’s never gonna love you like I want to
And you just see right through me
But if you only knew me
We could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable
Instead of just invisible"

'Invisible' by Taylor Swift