February 9, 2010


Since now the clock on the bottom right side of my computer states it is 12.37am i guess that makes this story is yesterday's.

Today, was awful.
I woke up at 6.25am still sleepy as always. Didn't get much sleep as always. Wish i could just freeze the time and get more rest for my aching body from the cross country, as always.
Went to school thinking about how am i going to get over Chocolate boy. Thinking that it's better now than after the truth gets stuck in my head since i wasn't sure of what kind of that special bond they're having.
Trying to avoid everything about him all day. His walk, the smile, that body language, his eyes..shakes head*
But, in every image of him in my head i can't crop her out. She's in every shoot i take of Chocolate boy.
Half of the day's almost over and i think i did a pretty good job ignoring him for today.
And as i was walking down the stairs, Syasya blurted out those words over and over again, "Chocolate's with her. O my God, he's with her. I can't believe it, he couples with her."
Cyeah, that sure made my day even better. The only two words that came out of my mouth were, "I know".

Today, was great.
My mother woke me up with her soothing voice, sweetly persuades me to get up and get ready for school. Works everytime. Enduring the tiredness and laziness, i got myself up and ready.
In class, we got our exam papers back with our grades marked with the same red ink pen i've seen in my whole life schooling. My marks weren't great but they're decent. Decent enough to not fail and sort of made me relieved cause i know i did my best.

Regina, my classmate, my horny friend.
We got really high today in class. Made up horny jokes and laughed like two crazy maniacs when others don't get a word we were talking about. haha
She then started threat me and Auni with her animatic facial expressions saying she'll walk back home with us since my house and Auni's is only a few feets away. That she wants to take Auni's new touchscreen phone and my dad's guitar plus the amplifier.
We literally ran away and hide from her when school finished. haha
Back home i fell asleep with the tv on downstairs when suddenly the phone rang and jerked me up.
Teena called asking me to open the door. Changed my clothes, went streaming down, took a peek at the window and saw four blue shirt girls standing in front of my gate.
Regina, Teena, Auni and Husna. hahaha

Truly was a pleasant surprise to have them crashing my house. Especially with Regina joining in, i hesitated to open the gate. hahah
Inside, i served them with the brownies Auni bought and plain water (i didn't know they were coming).
Regina was being 'jakun' and constantly saying, "Omg, thats the guitar. omg u ada senapang (my grandad's, totally safe and just for display). What is that thing?".
She and i had a couple wrestling matches when she took my phone and didn't want to give it back.
I sat on her, crushing her into the couch with my back pressuring her till her face turned red but i still didn't manage to win my phone back. hahah
Even after they were getting out to go back home she still refused to give it back until the last round of wrestling. I won. haha
Definitely. Best. Day. Since. New Year.

Photo of the day.
Wouldn't stop carves smile on my face.