February 21, 2010

Im not alone but im on my own

I write, i type every words i think is proper, acceptable to show the meaning and at least decent enough to make it sound exactly the same like how you'd hear it coming out of my mouth. Because words can be said in any kind of tone. A person can judge the emotion of another by it's tone of voice and let me tell you something. All this time, my tone in every word in every entry i've wrote here is the same tone i use only when im calm. Calm enough to let it all flow out of my mind, whatever was buried or patched for a moment before.

Before i wrote this i told myself, i want to write whatever comes out of my mind. Doesn't matter what emotion i'm in, doesn't give a damn if those word seems unfair, critism, inconsiderate, selfish or even rebellious to some human. Cause that's exactly how i feel, exactly what im thinking at that moment. I know it'll be far more meaningful when i read back in the future because i'll know how i felt when i wrote it. I know my own tone when i read my writings, i myself, no one else could ever know myself better than i do. No one else.

That is why i always say i don't like shallow judgemental people. They don't know me, i don't know them and none of us could ever know better than ourselves.
They judge their caracters, their acts, their words. Labels, labels, labels.
As if they know everything, as if they always right, well guess what?
If we judge them back they'll say, "who do you think you are? you dont know me."
Well, you dont know me either so mind your own bussiness and don't label people.
Cause we're all born the same way, live, laugh, love the same way, die and goes back to ground too.
So humans, ask yourself what makes you think you're better than others?

P.S: do take note of this, the last paragraph is not personal matter or whatsoever. it's the same thing i see in every person i meet, i care because this topic is tagged in my mind. Even a simple story i hear from people my brain automatically takes me to this matter.
It's uncontrollable, it's my mind thinking in general.