February 20, 2010

Left Right Left Right

Went out last Tuesday. I got my military blazer! yeay! my eyes didn't stop lingered through every clothes. The urge to buy them was just too much to ignore. Its was so tempting, imagine if all the clothes have mouth and eyes, they'd be calling out my name "Hani, Hani..come n' get me". hahah
But i could've not been more happier after i found the blazer i wanted so much. Thats the only reason i can control myself not to buy the most cutest blouse i've ever seen. shakes head*
Next time Hani, next time. sigh*

Here's a funny story, back home while trying it out with every shirts and dresses i coincidently found, my sister's old blazer which was given to me. I totally forgot about it and truth be told, *whispering* i like that one better. HAHA!
Shhh, dont tell the military blazer ;p

From left, the military blazer and my sister's. which one's your pick?