March 20, 2010

One time

Couple weeks ago i promised i'd write about songs i can relate to under 'i'm too good to play with love' entry. I had time to write about every song, well, at least that's what i thought. But i tried anyway and i only got to one singer. So here's what i think of Justin Bieber. Written last month, i think, with his songs replaying in my playlist.

Heard of him, heard of his song once before and didn't have a slight interest in him. Just a few days ago i started listening to his songs and yeah, i do have some of his songs in my playlist.
Now, i know some really hate this boy. Not me, but i don't like him either. Neither am i denying he is adorable, but dangerous. hahah
So, here's why.
Of all the songs in my playlist, when i shuffle, each song that comes out talking shit about love, oh how she/he makes you feel. Blablabullshit..stuffs that doesn't make me feel any better, ya know. But then his song came up and something about it just lightened me up :)
It opened my younger days photo album in my head. Those happy times, having fun playing, running and then of course those puppy love i had to some random boys. haha
Justin reminded me of how it felt being a kid again. How i felt when i was a little girl imagining any of my crushes would come and say he likes me too. haha!
And listening to his singing is like a kitten begging for some milk. It's adorable (okay, i mentioned that already)