March 7, 2010

Shoot meh!

Im obsessed with photography. Beauty in photos which can't be seen by our naked eyes. Im longing for my own camera, i adore polaroids. They're...instant beauty! you dont have to wait couple days to see what you've shot and think back what were you thinking when you took the picture or neither do you have to open your computer and seek through the files one by one just to find that one photo. Instead polaroid is instant! you see something amazing, hold the camera up, push the button and the photo comes out. love it! i want one.

The reason it's been in my head for awhile cause im thinking of an idea to lighten up my room by decorate a wall. Paint it, put some pattern maybe some textures. And then came this thought of a wall of polaroids. it'd be cool :D

Polaroid camera isn't the only one im craving for now. A digital is also in my wishlist. I love art, any form of art as long as its interesting. Since drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and designing are some of my talents which im not very good at, thats why they're my hobbies instead of the main thing i do. Photography is the best i could do. The only problem is i dont have any camera (phone's camera is out of this subject), i meant real camera. I want it, i want it. grr