January 5, 2010

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Bloo: Being a burden is great. It's like my... seventh favorite thing to be.

Eduardo: Azul, you are not el perrito!
Bloo: I most certainly am not a burrito!

Mac: What do we do? Nothing is working.
Bloo: Then it's time to take drastic actions, and I've got just the plan. Operation Abe Lincoln Drop Purple Scaredy Cat Run and Scramble. From the arboreal vantage point, we shall unleash the ultimate weapon, creating a devastating chain reaction the likes of which the galaxy has never known!
Mac: What?
Bloo: I drop this fake spider on Eduardo, he freaks out, and everyone runs away.

Bloo: [an imposter Bloo is trying to get Mac to give him Ice Capades tickets] Mac, look me in the eyes. You know it's me. Think of all the times we've had together, think of the special bond that only best friends can share. Mac, you complete me. I... I love you.
Mac: Yeah, okay, sappy. It's definitely not you.

Bloo: [disapprovingly] I don't know whose plan this was.
Wilt: It was yours.
Bloo: And it's genius!

Eduardo: This is for Frankie. What is two plus three?
Frankie: Uh, five?
Eduardo: SeƱor Herriman?
Mr. Herriman: Of course it's five, you numbskull.
Eduardo: Azul?
Bloo: Well, Ed, my opponents say five. But you know what I say? Five is not good enough! I say six, or seven, or even forty-two!

Mac: Quit it, Bloo!
Bloo: What? I'm just trying to clean.
Mac: Spraying air freshener isn't cleaning.
Bloo: Is too! I'm cleaning the air. Cleaning and freshening.
Frankie: Well, go find some other place to clean and freshen, would ya?
Bloo: Fine, if that's how you feel about it. But don't come crying to me when your air gets all stale and filthy.
Frankie: [annoyed] I'll keep that in mind.