January 30, 2010


These are the songs that reminds me of the people in my life. Why? cause i love music. Whenever i listen to my playlist and random song comes out i instantly get a 'flashback' or 'vision' if i must say. haha
its either that person gave/introduced that song to me or the lyric just reminds me alot about them, oor maybe i heard that song on that special moment it happened and in the future it becomes like a tag for certain memory. That's how i relive the moments, experiences and remembering my good ol' days.

Teena aka Aesha
- 'All The Right Moves' by One Republic
[cause it sounds like a chess song & she plays chess.]
- 'I Can Wait Forever' by Simple Plan

- 'One And The Same' by Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato
[we always claim we're like sisters from another mother]
- 'Lullaby' by Lucy Walsh
- 'Forever And Almost Always' by Kate Voegele
- 'Dear God' by Avenged Sevenfold
[all 3 of the above, she gave it to me]
- 'Already Gone' by Kelly Clarkson
[lyric sort of suits the moment when we had that silent-argument]
- 'Dream' by Priscilla Ahn
[from the movie Bride Wars, which also reminds me of her]

- 'True' by Ryan Cabrera
- 'Kantoi' by Zee Avi
- 'Like Only A Woman Can' by Brian McFadden
- 'Learning To Breathe' by Switchfoot
[given by her]
- 'Lagu Untukmu' by Meet Uncle Hussain
(from the show KAMI, our favourite)
- 'Big Girls Dont Cry' by Fergie
[it rains everytime we sing this song. HAHA!]

- 'When It All Falls Apart' by The Veronicas
- 'Walk Away' by Paula Deanda
[i'd consider both of the above as 'our' songs. Miss her and the moments we had]
- 'Face Down' by TRJA
- 'Watch Me Make You Hate Me' by Call The Cops

- 'Pretty Boy' by M2M
- 'Corpse Bride' piano

My Sister, Elis.
- 'Gallery' by Mario Vasquez
[screw her ex for mistreating her]
- 'Because I'm A Girl' by Kiss (korean)

- '1,2,3' by Plain White T's
[first time ever someone played a guitar and sang it to me. if she's a boy i'd fall for her. hahah]

Fatin Najwa
- 'Grace Kelly' by Mika
[first time agreed we love this song i'd swear at that moment we were connecting]

My brother, Aziq.
- 'Semua Tentang Kita' by Peterpan
[first time i heard him sing]
- 'Monsoon' by Tokia Hotel
[heard while he played it in RockBand]
- 'Heaven' by Nidji
[first time he asked me to download a song]
- 'A Little Piece Of Heaven' by Avenged Sevenfold

- 'Shake It' by Metro Station
- 'Only Exception' by Paramore

- 'Map Of the Problematique' by Muse
[his favourite when i said mine was Endlessly]
- 'Saltwater Room' by Owl City
[heard it from his friend's blog]

- 'Your Call' by Secondhand Serenade
[he gave it to me, said that he dedicated it for his gf]

- 'Wait For You' by Elliott Yamin
- 'The Kill' by 30 Second to Mars
- 'Gone' by 3 Days Grace
- 'Goodbye' by Miley Cyrus
- 'Rehab' by Rihanna
- 'I'd Lie' by Taylor Swift
- 'You're Not Sorry' by Taylor Swift
[i won't describe this part cause i dont want to remember why these songs remind me so much about him]

P.S: the beige-ish highlighted songs are the ones that makes me smile or just really hit me on the right spot of the brain. I'd love to list down all songs and names that related but it'll be too long. sorry for those name i didn't mention.