January 5, 2010

It's like 1,2,3.

I felt like a teddy bear on first day of school today. haha
Given all my friends my bear hugs just like i promised in my New Year's wish.
Definitely one of the best reunion i've had. While assembly, husna said something about not believing we're going to school today. I mean are you sure it's school day? hahah
Then i said, "Well next year we'll be wondering, are you sure we're NOT going to school?". We're seniors! Gah! still cant believe it's our last year schooling, wearing uniforms (aww, im gonna miss this.not.).
I got front seat just like i wanted, thank God i dont have to sit behind those noisy farting boys in my class.
I wonder if there's going to be new student attending my school. nahh, probably not it's too risky.

It's funny, today i went through all channels for great shows on tv but i've seen it all. Finally i saw this asian drama, Boys Before Flowers. Remembered that i used to watch chinese/taiwanese/japanese/korean dramas all the time when i was in primary school.
i watched it anyway, and man, how i've forgotten how cute chinese looking boys are. I've always like chinese looks. grinning*
dang you Astro, trying to get me back to the memory lane ;p