January 16, 2010

Out of tears

People say "crying is good for health". my dad said to me once, "women live longer than men because they throw all the loads off when they cry". i don't know about longer lifetime but it's true. we cry for happiness and sorrow, sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

i have a problem but I'm not quite sure why i consider it as a problem really. it's been awhile i haven't caught myself crying. it's been, awhile.
it's not a hobby of mine to cry but i do it sometimes. cause i know it's good for me, for my thoughts to rest and let all emotions out until it gets to work again.
i just couldn't find the right emotion that could bring out the tears. Honestly, sometimes i feel like i ignore too much emotions that i can't even figure what im feeling at the moment.

Ever since i got over him, i just couldn't find myself to cry anymore. It's like im out of reason to cry or my emotions just not enough for me to let it out.
i feel the loads on me sometimes. like when i think about where i stand now.
im finishing high school, im finishing schooling but i still haven't figure out the right career. i just lost her as a bff or bestie but i gain her back as a friend. im facing examinations and trials but i still can't win the fight with my laziness.
i take deep breath alot nowadays, but it does nothing.

im stress and i can't feel any emotions. the only reason im still standing is because i want to live. i depend on laughter to bring me up each day and to make it all worth waking up for.