January 25, 2010

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I dream. That confirms im normal enough. normal is boring. but dreams aren't boring. no, they're not supposed to.
What are they really? just dreams. nothing more. rite?
my dreams are my only 'sanctuary'. i think it's been invaded by my worst nightmare.
Just a week ago, i dreamt him again. Yesterday was the latest.
my bestfriend, Aesha suggested i count it down. I think i'll try that.
but for what? i dont know. Is it going to help? i dont think so.

i'll jot down certain details here. Yesterday, it was different.
instead of white shirt and glasses like in other dreams, he was wearing a 'dry leaf' green color shirt and jeans. just like how i used to see him in real life.
maybe, just maybe, that white shirt guy i keep seeing in my dreams is the guy i thought i saw in him. i hate to admit this cause i truly dont feel this way at all. i dont miss him, God no. i miss that person i thought he was. (its hard enough for me to type this, let alone say it)
i only 'admit' this cause its the only reason i can think of. but i really really dont feel that way. i couldn't find any other word to describe those dreams other than what is given to me, the word is 'miss'.