January 10, 2010

Not a Goodbye

To my dear Blogspot,
Sorry to say that i wouldn't be able to write you more often. This year is all about the BIG exam. I couldn't make you as my first thought before it even if i want to. So im focusing on study study study. Despite more dramas keep occuring in my life i've to get my priority straight.
One more thing, i just made an account in Tumblr. I know i said i probably wouldn't but i did, too much temptations. Then again i started thinking of doing it since i realize my blog here isn't so fun anymore and not so safe afterall. i expected readers to just read and understand, not to spy, judge or anything else. and so i decided to open up to Tumblr. Dont worry Blogspot, you'll always be my first place to share half the story of my life.
I'll be visiting you when i have the time.