December 20, 2009

Beatboxing Chocolate

Today, i went to a friend's birthday party at Studio Cafe near my neighbourhood. It was nice, the food was great (ofcourse. that was my breakfast. I was starving!) and there were many boys than girls. As always, a party wouldn't be complete without games. We had Guessing the Weight' game and 'Chocolate' won. hahah

'Chocolate' is a nickname i gave to a boy. He's simply ordinary 'laid back' kind of person yet interesting. I dont have a crush on him, no. He just seems interesting and beside, i only pretend to like him in front of my friends so they wouldn't think im boring not having any crush to talk about. haha

After that the birthday boy started calling us to sing on stage. My good ol' friend we called 'Chef' sang Hotel California (i sang along in the chorus) then surprisingly 'Chocolate' and the birthday boy went on stage and they sang a rock n' roll song or sumthing (idontknow). The birthday boy sang but 'Chocolate' did the guitar & drums sound since there was no music. LOL. He made me laugh, it was cute. haha

But in the middle of all that my bestfriend told me something that reminded me. She told me that a good friend of mine asked her out with few of his friends which i also know who they are but when my bestfriend asked him if he invited me, he changed the subject. bohoo. haha
The thing is, i forgot that you can never trust anyone no matter how good they are to you, really. In the end of the day, the only person you can depend on is you. I know you cant see the connection between this 'reminder' and the news i got. But really, i've been through this situation for all my life. Being left out again, again, aaand again seems like just another day for me.

Funny thing was he just messaged me right on time i was writing this asking me out. LOL
Too bad im not taking this back. Sorry.
Thanks for reminding me though. Have a good day :)