December 4, 2009

Your Own You

The phrase 'every sky was your own kind of blue' often carves a smile on my face. Its a phrase cut out from the song Crazier by Taylor Swift.

I had no idea why i love it. I do but it's hard to put it in words.

So you ask people around you what colour is the sky today? All of them will plainly say, it's blue. Perhaps only one person would say its dark blue or baby blue.

Its the simplest & the little things that one person could see and make a stand for what he believes. That what makes him different from everyone, unique.

"i watched from a distance as you, made life your own
every sky was your own kind of blue
and i wanted to know how that would feel
and you made it so real
you showed me something that i couldnt see
you opened my eyes and made me believe." - Song 'Crazier'

Instant quote: 'You laugh because im different, I laugh because you're all the same.'