December 16, 2009

This Is Why I Love Art

I found this from someone's Tumblr & oh, how i love her words. She defined how i look at the beauty of life.

"my friends, or people in general, always give me weird looks when they see me admiring the little drops of water on each blade of grass, the condensation jewels on frizzy hair, spilling a water bottle just to watch the water move, sun, watching hair blow in the wind, or a simple cup of steaming tea/hot chocolate.

photography makes you notice those little beautiful things in life you overlooked before. (it also gives you the damn i wish i had my camera moment, or maybe just me) to appreciate life and earth’s beauty more."

I smile to those who can put words that really shows my certain feelings,thoughts & ideas when no one understands it.

Instant quote:
"It's funny how a stranger can put into words exactly how you feel, while the people around you dont know shit."