December 18, 2009

Come On Barbie, Lets Go Party!

Yesterday i realized I've posted some emotional stuffs lately. its so boring (even i say so). haha
From now on i'll add few things i copy from my current favourite website. Its where people around the world shares story about the average moment of their life. First look and i love it instantly. It made my day :)

My life is average:
"In the summer, my friends and I went to Greece. One day, we called a taxi, to go to a different part of town and Barbie Girl by Aqua came on the radio. The driver turned it up full blast turned, singing the part of Ken. Instantly, we joined in simultaneously singing Barbie's lines. For the rest of the holiday we called him whenever we needed a taxi and he accepted, as long as we sang along with him for the journey. It made our holiday, and he didn't charge once."