December 25, 2009

Two Matters

First, when you really care about someone you unconciously trying to prove that to them. But i heard this saying, "When caring hurts, i tend to stop". I know that sounds selfish & it is but my excuse is, why keep trying when they dont even care. So i guess that's why i cherish those who proved to me as much as i've proven to them.

Secondly, its flattering but then again it's awkward for me when someone praise my look. my reason, i have flaws. Flaws that i wouldn't tell anyone (everyone have flaws), but when you say i look pretty directly to my face i feel like you dont even know what you're saying. its like a joke to me for a second there. but i accept it anyway, what kind of girl wouldn't appreciate a compliment.
The thing is, im not the kind of girl who look at the mirror everyday & say, "Darling, you're the fairest of them all" (excuse me while i go vomit) HAHA! and so when someone praises my look i get blur for a second, its weird, cause i dont even say that to myself.

P.S: the teacher i admire so much suddenly asked why is it that girls go blur & blink their eyes when someone say they look pretty? I figured he asked cause i did that when he praised the way i look the other day. haha. That's why im straightening this matter now.