December 10, 2009

Congratulation Sir

What is this weird feeling im having?
My heart beats fast as im taking every breath carefully.

"Congratulation" came with a smile as you turned to face me when i called you.

When i first doubted you, you proved me wrong.
When i hated it, you pushed me till i fall in love with it & now it became one of my priority.
When i said your species are jerks, you agreed & even admitted yourself a jerk too. hahah
When i come to class with bad mood, i go home with not only a great lesson but also memories of you turn my frown upside down.

When i thought there's no hope at all, you became the reason for me to believe otherwise.
When i said to my friend there's only 2 person i could fall for in this world & one of them is you, i meant it.


Maybe that's why i feel like this.
Feels like an effect from a punch on the stomach, after you announced the big news.
A million thoughts burst out in mind when you called for a chat with that same crooked smile on your face.
Never have i expected you'd mention about you meeting with her parents for their daughter's hand in marriage. Added with a little cute tale of your difficulties when she rejected you at first & oh, that magic line you said that made her changed her mind.

There were laughter & surprises in their voice as they're listening intensely.
I tried to pull it off but i couldnt help myself from guessing what's that feeling i had.
It wasnt heartbroken or depression. Cant quite understand it. All i know now, that i dont love you. I admire you, truly.

I cant help noticing the happiness not only in your eyes but also on every smile you flashed at us. I was the first one to congrats you, and you know what? I meant that too. *smiling